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Wind turbines are structures which like to oscillate. Some components have strange modes. And they are able to communicate.

Modes of Rotorblades

The coupling between aerodynamics and structural dynamics can lead to oscillations with high amplitudes. It can be observed at stall regulated turbines and pitch regulated turbines.

Rotorblade Section

Our service is to characterise the components of a wind turbine as it is useful for simulation. As an example the dynamic characteristics of the foundation are presented.

Dynamic of Foundation Types

Soil and foundation have an impact to the dynamic characteristics.
For flat foundations the tilting is the most important degree of freedom.
At piled foundations the horizontal movement can be important.
A Monopile works like a streched tower with movements at sea level.
Jackets and Tripods are stiff substructures. For the tower it is like standing on a foundations.
Floaters needs minimum six degrees of freedom for simulations.


Klaus Kaiser, 11.06.12